"If you don’t use the street it will end up using you."


05/01/2017 7:50pm

I am really in awe with artists who can make people think about what their works mean. I have been thinking what this work is all about for quiet some time. I wonder why do the character and the people in the background have their mouths covered. This is something really interesting if you will think a lot about this. Is this a campaign or what? I would really want to know and I wish there is someone who will explain this to me.

10/13/2017 6:13am

One of the reasons why I have a high respect for artists is because they use their creativity in the right way. With the proper exposure like art exhibits, I think these artists would be discovered! Actually, these artists are not after popularity. All they wanted to have is acknowledgement for their paintings! They are not after the fame they can get from this. All things that matter are appreciation from people!

05/11/2017 9:02am

This picture is so cool! I really like your style. It's so remarkable.

07/21/2017 2:42am

Seems like you know a lot about street art. I will check out this article now.

08/15/2017 1:07pm

You could post this article right here! There is no need for you to leave a link.


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