It is a cold, foggy July morning. The light quietly wakes, but does not warm. Coffee brews and my thoughts walk. 


02/03/2017 1:07am

San Francisco is a great place to live. Even if summer is quite cold there.

08/10/2017 8:42am

Summer isn't my favorite season, but it brings back a lot of good memories from the past. It remind me of my younger days because my high school life would probably and still the best thing that happened on me. Fortunately, all those good memories happened on summer that's why though it isn't my favorite, it has a very special place in my heart that other seasons cannot replace!

06/22/2017 9:30am

I love when it's cold and foggy outside. This weather is perfect for me.

08/01/2017 1:04am

July this year was quite cold in my country too! But I think it's not bad!

08/25/2017 11:53pm

I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much.

09/12/2017 10:55pm

Thank you very much has been sharing this information,


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